Index of values

black [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Black
blue [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Blue

cyan [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Cyan

default [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Default

erase [ANSITerminal]
erase Eol clear from the cursor position to the end of the line without moving the cursor.

green [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Green

magenta [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Magenta
move_bol [ANSITerminal]
move_bol() moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line.
move_cursor [ANSITerminal]
move_cursor x y moves the cursor by x columns (to the right if x > 0, to the left if x < 0) and by y lines (downwards if y > 0 and upwards if y < 0).

on_black [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Black
on_blue [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Blue
on_cyan [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Cyan
on_default [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Default
on_green [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Green
on_magenta [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Magenta
on_red [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Red
on_white [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background White
on_yellow [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Background Yellow

pos_cursor [ANSITerminal]
pos_cursor() returns a couple (x,y) giving the current position of the cursor.
prerr_string [ANSITerminal]
Like print_string but prints on the standard error.
print_string [ANSITerminal]
print_string attr txt prints the string txt with the attibutes attr.
printf [ANSITerminal]
printf attr format arg1 ... argN prints the arguments arg1,...,argN according to format with the attibutes attr.

red [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Red
resize [ANSITerminal]
resize width height resize the current terminal to the given width and height.
restore_cursor [ANSITerminal]
restore_cursor() replaces the cursor to the position saved with save_cursor().

save_cursor [ANSITerminal]
save_cursor() saves the current position of the cursor.
scroll [ANSITerminal]
scroll n scrolls the terminal by n lines, up (creating new lines at the bottom) if n > 0 and down if n < 0.
set_autoreset [ANSITerminal]
Turns the autoreset feature on and off.
set_cursor [ANSITerminal]
set_cursor x y puts the cursor at position (x,y), x indicating the column (the leftmost one being 1) and y being the line (the topmost one being 1).
size [ANSITerminal]
size() returns a pair (width, height) giving the size of the terminal.

white [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground White

yellow [ANSITerminal]
Shortcut for Foreground Yellow